Cheese Belongs to You!

I guess this is a book that ticks all the precepts of what a book for younger audiences have to be like. Simple language, simple approach to illustration, simple story, simple moral and even a tagline you can repeat over and over again.

Yet, there is something here that doesn't fully work for me. The book offers three very distinctive levels that don't mix at any stage: the sketchy illustrations, which seem to be looking at everything else from a distance; the blocky typography, which seems to me more adequate for road warning signs; and the story which is fast paced and very funny but goes solo. Overall, nothing mixes. Even worse, for me, the typography, the illustration and the story seem to repel each other. In particular, the story doesn't need the book at all as my daughter proved to me in her first reading. Once she got the rhythm of the first two spreads, she could continue the story on her own and was only interested in finding out if there was a punchline or not. I had to fight in order to read the whole thing, while enduring condescending comments about how she knew what was coming (and she was right).

Still it is a fun book to read and a nice story too. But something just doesn't make the whole thing stick together.