Cherry Green Story Queen

Have you ever felt like you were part of the wrong story? That’s exactly what it’s like for Mia, Billy, Juno and Kyle (who is a different story altogether). Stuck in a foster home, they all long for a different story to their lives… and they know they’ll just have to live with what they’ve got. Until Cherry Green mysteriously arrives one day with a special secret and a very old book. Suddenly everything is looking up. Suddenly, even Kyle doesn’t seem so bad. And then, just as mysteriously as she arrived, Cherry Green disappears; but she leaves something important behind her.

A contemporary twist on the Arabian NightsCherry Green Story Queen takes us on journey through the lives of children in a foster home, but it is a journey that children can relate to regardless of their situation. We all want a happy ending; we all want friendship; and this book opens up the possibility of just that through the world of stories. Barrington Stoke has done a brilliant job of bringing reading skills to those reluctant or dyslexic readers, but it’s books like this one that have also earned the publishers a strong reputation throughout the business. Entertaining, easy to follow and leaving the reader wanting more, Cherry Green Story Queen is remarkable. It builds the story with each page and pulls the reader along on the adventure with humour and understanding. Its reference back to theArabian Nights adds to the intrigue. Its convincing story-line peppered through with apt illustrations make this one a real winner! Perfect for children with literacy challenges.