Christmas at the Toy Museum

It is Christmas Eve at the Toy Museum and all the visitors have gone home. Suddenly the toys spring to life and race to the Christmas tree, led by Bunting the dapper looking cat. Confusion and then disappointment sets in when the toys discover that there are no presents under the tree. They can't believe there is nothing for them to open on Christmas morning. Bunting takes charge and comes up with a plan.

'“Friends! Toys! Dolls! Puppets!” he said. “Let us not be downhearted! Why don't we all give each other ourselves?”'

The toys agree that it is an excellent idea and have fantastic fun helping one another climb into boxs and then wrapping them with decorative paper and colourful ribbons. A real angel at the top of tree smiles as she observes their excitement. Only she knows what will happen on Christmas morning. When there is no one left for Bunting to unwrap, the angel gracefully swoops down, wishes the toys a 'Happy Christmas!' and gives Bunting a little gold box. The toys are in awe. Magic occurs when the box is opened revealing a beautiful gold star granting Bunting a wish. And his wish comes true!

Author and illustrator David Lucas has created a magnificent picture book that celebrates the true spirit of giving. The book is beautifully illustrated, including a wonderful double-paged spread of a sequence of illustrations of the toys unwrapping each other, most of which look like they are embracing. Not only will children enjoy looking at the illustrations of the old-fashioned toys, they will also have fun hearing some of their names: Gertie the Galloping Goose, Woolworth the woollen owl, Winking the one-eyed bear and the Maharana of Mewar.

A perfect Christmas gift!