Clarice Bean, That’s Me

The work of author/illustrator Lauren Child needs no introduction; the appeal of the wonderfully creative, Charlie and Lola books having travelled the globe in both print and film. Clarice Bean, too, has already established herself as quite a teenage icon in the children's book world. Clarice Bean, That's Me, however, has only just made it to the shelves, despite having been produced many moons ago. Teenage fiction is not traditionally associated with picturebooks and the combination of teenage 'angst' with child-like illustrations was clearly an all-too risky one for most publishers. Child's quirky and decidedly 'alternative' mode of addressing the modern teenage reader is, however, entirely in keeping with her hallmark, zany style, and teenagers brought up on the Charlie and Lola books will doubtless enjoy this particular incarnation (as will their younger siblings!). Mixed media illustrations abound and a wide range of fonts in a variety of sizes powerfully complement the book's funky feel.