Colm’s Lambs: Glenmore Valley

It’s lambing season and life is very busy on the sheep farm where Colm O’Connor lives with his brother, Michael and his mam and dad. Colm loves to help out with lambing. The work is hard and the lambs can come any time, day or night. His friends Molly and Daisy come to visit from the city and they’ve never seen a baby lamb before. But it’s not too long before they get stuck in! The children find a new baby lamb all on its own in the field. They are all going to have to work together to save the lamb. Can they convince one of the sheep to take the lamb as her own?

Welcome to the Glenmore Farm series! This is one of two new books that give young readers a view into the world of farming; something that, like Colm’s friends Daisy and Molly, most children don’t get to experience. It’s very clear that author Anna McQuinn knows her subject matter well. The story is well written and clear, depicting farm life with accuracy. The plot develops quickly and holds the interest of the reader. The children populating her story are true to life and well-rounded. The illustrations by Paul Young are contemporary, lively and fresh; adding much charm to the story, without ever becoming ‘twee’. A thoroughly enjoyable story.