Come All You Little Persons

Nature and cosy nurture meet in happy harmony in this evocatively written and beautifully illustrated invitation to enjoy the natural world. Capturing the elements, the seasons, animal life, bird life, and the wide-eyed variety that the universe offers, everyone is warmly welcomed to explore – both by the gentle rhymes and rhythm of the text, and the enchanting and bold illustrations which frame it.

While visually and verbally stunning, this book also carries a vital message for little ones – the world is to be discovered, it is a place where all of us belong and can accept one another – in short ‘planet Earth has room for the footsteps of all’. Parents, carers and teachers will find this to be an engaging and helpful tool to encourage children to see their world in new colours, and to recognise that they have a place within it. Young children will be soothed and stimulated by the magic of the book’s flowing poetry and visuals, and this will no doubt be a text which is returned to again and again as a bedtime and nursery classroom favourite.

Highly recommended as a rich resource on, and joyous celebration of nature’s rich diversity, and its accommodation of everyone on planet earth.