Comic Adventures of Boots

This is a collection of three stories, each told in comic strip form. ‘Operation Fish Biscuit’ recounts Boots the cat’s scheme to acquire sunbathing space on an overcrowded wall. This backfires quite spectacularly. In ‘Pleased to meet you Madam Quark’, Madam Quark the swan, teaches Boots to swim. This speaks volumes for the cat’s charm, since he has just failed in an attempt to kill her. A zany game of charades is the theme of the final story where Boots displays to his friends the skills he thought he had acquired from Madam Quark. He sinks!

Fans of Satoshi Kitamura will love this charming book and no doubt it will win converts. The humour is gentle rather than side-splittingly funny and, like Guinness, is an acquired taste. The comic strips are arranged in a linear fashion and it is usually clear which piece of text should be read next. This is not always the case with graphic novels and often causes confusion. The pictures are very stylish and distinctively blocky and would have wide appeal across all age groups. The text, arranged in short bursts, would be suited to 8 years and upwards so this makes for a very accessible book for anyone, and a struggling or reluctant reader might even thank you for it. I highly recommend this book. Have a good look at the end papers, which are great fun.