Coming of Age

Amy’s growing up is painful. When only nine, she witnessed her mother’s death in a riding accident and the trauma caused Amy to lose her ability to speak and her memory of what actually happened. As her life slowly returns to normal, her voice eventually comes back, but her memory of the incident remains elusive and somehow mysterious. She and her father become extremely close and, now as she approaches her 16th birthday, signs of his falling in love cause her further anguish. There are quite suddenly many changes in her life, chiefly her relationship with her father, and then she herself falls in love. With growing independence she tries to find out exactly what had happened to her mother. Then she has to face up to the discovery that neither of her parents is quite the person she thought she knew.

Mendes writes with great fluency and most of the story is absorbing. However, the ending is neither altogether satisfying nor convincing. Nonetheless, it will be enjoyed by girls from 12 up.