Cool Kids Cook

I love this book. Simple, modern recipes are complemented with witty yet instructional illustration and gorgeous, fun photos featuring a diverse cast of kids enjoying themselves.

Jenny Chandler is a cookery teacher in Leiths, among other prestigious schools, and it shows. This is no coffee-table book. There is no sense of worthiness here and absolutely no faffing. Nutrition is presented as part and parcel of learning about food. Baking is included, but cakes and desserts are few. Quinoa, dal, chilli and fish all feature alongside Irish soda bread and cottage pie in recipes that you’ll want to make again and again. Variations are suggested after each recipe to encourage young cooks to experiment.

The tone and aesthetic of this book are pitch-perfect, knowledge and tips are imparted as if by a friend or a mischievous aunt. Text is engagingly presented, different fonts are used for different kinds of information – lots of colour, variety and buckets of humour will keep young readers engaged. There is an astonishing range of information presented here; history, biology, general knowledge, horticultural, home economics, environmental science – it’s all covered. On top of that you’ll come away knowing your soba from your rice noodles. A proper cookbook from a proper cook. Perfect for 7 and up.