Cool Mythology

All you ever wanted to know about mythology is captured in this ‘cool’ and extremely interesting book, which spans history in its quest to steep the reader in myths, folklore and legend from the four corners of the Earth.

Legends and myths from North American Indian tribes, the Mayan, Aztecs, Incas, Romans, Greeks, Ancient Egypt, Hindu, Celtic, Chinese, Japanese and Persian mythology are all included plus more. You can read fascinating facts about ancient gods, about magical creatures and monsters such as the Leviathan, the Unicorn, Bigfoot, Cerberus, Cyclops, the Minotaur, mermaids and banshees. The famous Finn MacCool, Merlin and the Loch Ness monster are there as well, as is the story of the Trojan horse.

There is a two-page spread for each section, and information is presented in a variety of ways – from short paragraphs and bullet point checklists to fact boxes with ‘mythellaneous’ snippets of information. No index, but the contents list is very comprehensive. Quirky illustrations are interspersed throughout and these, coupled with the short and snappy design, make for a fun non-fiction book which has instant appeal to children. All the information is easy to absorb and the layout means the book can be dipped in and out of as a reference book as well as being read as a 21st century information book on the subject of mythology.

Title suitable for 9-11 but could be equally enjoyed by confident readers of 7 and upwards.