Could a Shark do Gymnastics?

Have you ever wondered how a shark would get to school? What would happen if they went to a barbecue or learnt to play tennis? If so, then this book is for you! 

Could a Shark do Gymnastics? is a marvellous mixture of facts and the fantastical.  Daft questions get serious answers in this clever book. ‘What if a shark went to the dentist?’ reveals fascinating facts about a shark’s teeth, and a trip to the toilet explains all about a shark’s sense of smell! The comical situations are perfect for little ones to relate to and the bright, funny pictures and clear font will appeal to adults as well as children. A handy fact file recaps on facts learnt and a postcard from the shark at the back of the book gives a photo of a real shark and more information. This book would be a perfect addition to any classroom library or bedroom bookshelf.  It is a great ‘read aloud’ book too for younger readers with a sense of humour and an interest in the animal kingdom.  Also by the same team of author and illustrator Could a Whale Swim to the Moon?  brings whale facts to life in entertaining scenes that children can easily identify with.  Highly recommended.