Create Your Own Spy Mission

The perfect book for a long journey, young readers will quite literally get drawn into Create Your Own Spy Mission by Irish brothers Andrew and Chris Judge. A fun, interactive story which invites the reader to draw, doodle, decide, fold and tear, this quirky little book is part comic, spy story, quiz and drawing book all rolled into one glorious, crazy spy saga that cannot be solved without the reader.

The second in this Create Your Own series, Spy Mission is jam-packed with hilarious characters including super-spy Ethan Doodle, Detective Spiral, Lord Byron, Mr Flakey the baker, Mary Banoffee and Paul Scone. As the reader helps Ethan to solve the mystery of who stole the McGuffin Muffin recipe by drawing the missing information, they will not only engage fully with the story but will also help create it.

A brilliant collaboration between Andrew Judge, the author, and Chris the illustrator (who also co-authored the Danger is Everywhere series with David O’Doherty), Create your own Spy Mission is a highly entertaining farce that plays on the traditional spy tale. False moustaches, trench-coats, spy-glasses and binoculars all feature, while the mysterious un-drawn or rather invisible John turns up throughout the saga.

Text and illustration are of equal importance in this story, and every page is packed with sharp humour that even the adults will love, fabulous line-drawings, and oodles of drawing tasks and problem-solving decisions to make. Reluctant readers will enjoy the generous balance between text and illustration and the interactive quality of this clever little book.