The creature’s eyes reflect galaxies, with twinkling stars and golden sun flares. Exposing a solar system-pale tummy, the creature stretches out. Reaching out with curling and flexing claws, it watches as the nails catch on fabric and space. Purring contentedly, the creature licks paws and whiskers and goes in search of attention and affection.

At this point, the text stops being coy about the eponymous creature being a cat. The illustrations, from the start, have depicted the creature as a cat with black and orange patched fur with white markings. The cat is exploring a personal universe, the outside and inside spaces of a domestic dwelling. In the illustrations, a grey kitten copies the actions of the grown cat. The charming pictures perfectly convey the space theme while staying true to the cat’s reality. Even the endpapers re-enforce this juxtaposition. The opening endpaper displays a comet tail of cat paw prints traversing an inky black background interspersed with twinkling stars. The closing endpapers show cat paw prints tracking across white floor tiles decorated with yellow stars at the corner joins.

Throughout, the superbly detailed illustrations augment the text in a clever and whimsical manner. The text, a series of loosely connected prose couplets, is from the cat’s perspective. Each occupies a double-page spread, and towards the end describes the cat settling into bed and sleeping. A sentiment that gives this picturebook guaranteed parent appeal.

Creature is an attractively sweet exploration of a cat-eyed view of the magically wonderful domain of home.