Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters

The titular creepy monsters in Jane Yolen’s lullaby really aren’t too creepy at all. In fact they are very cute, funny and sweet little things.  They live in a world that looks very similar to our own and we see them skip, hop and slither through the park on their way home.  

The illustrations by Kelly Murphy are full of life, full of colour and full of fun. 

While the text is straight forward children will enjoy the after school routine of play, dinner, bath and funny noises before bed. These colourful monsters are surprisingly like their human counterparts. This is a charming bedtime read with illustrations that are a feast for the eyes. A wide variety of monsters provide lots to look at, point at and discuss. This book comes highly recommended. 

Review by
Jennifer Farley

This review was published online in 
November 2011