Crow Girl Rises

Barrington Stoke is a publishing company that famously caters for young people who have problems such as dyslexia; the books are designed in a way that makes them easier to read with cream pages and clear spaced out font.

Crow Girl Rises tells the story of a girl, Lily, who is being bullied in school. After scaring her bullies at a Halloween party where she dressed up as a crow, Lily begins to feel more in control of herself and her world. The only problem is, now that the bullies are no longer jeering her they have moved on to the younger kids in school. As Lily sees these young girls going through what she went through for so long, she decides she needs to stop these bullies forever.

In this exciting sequel to Crow Girl, we not only see Lily grow into a confident young woman, but we also watch as she falls in love.

This is a wonderful book for teens that are going through bullying or have seen others being bullied. The gothic style and dark undertones are set off by the symbol of the crow throughout, once a feared, misunderstood creature that is now loved and has its rightful place in the world. The image of the crow not only mirrors Lily, but the bullies themselves, symbolising there is a little good and bad in all of us, it is really down to you what path you choose to take.