Curiositree: Human World: A Visual History of Humankind

Yet another beautiful book from Wide Eyed Editions, The Curiositree: Human World uses detailed information charts to present the wonders of human history. Readers will become explorers as they browse through the book, learning why and how humans have become the most successful species on the planet. There is so much packed in between the covers that children could spend hours finding out about the history of humanity. Coloured arrows, on each page, point to other related charts, and when children follow them, they will see how interconnected our history is.

A diverse array of topics are explored, including sections about religion, trade, the first cities, holy objects, animals and humans, money and medicine. There is something a little nostalgic about the illustrations, but they fit very well with the text.

Although it sounds like a cliché, there is really something of interest for everyone. The jacket even unfolds into a poster. Curiositree: Human World would be an excellent resource to use in school or for a child to have at home.