Cut and Colour Playbook-Seasons

Boisrobert’s lovely activity book encourages children to create seasonal landscapes by drawing, colouring and cutting the pages of the book itself. There are clear instructions to follow on each left-hand page and several right-hand pages together form a layered landscape which is revealed bit by bit as the user goes along. There are snippets of information about the season being addressed and the colours the animals should be (this book is aimed at 6+ and this is helpful for the younger children.) Once the season is complete, it is framed by a decorative border. As with the calendar year, there are four seasons in all and a number of blank pages at the back for the user to create a scene of their own.

Overall there is a lot of learning throughout. It is well planned out and is playful enough to keep a child entertained as well as busy. Adults would probably need to be alongside younger children as the cutting can be tricky. Surprisingly, our 12-year-old daughter leapt onto the book as soon as she set eyes on it and didn’t put it aside a until she’d completed the first scene. She highly praises and recommends it, which says it all.


Sadie Cramer