D is for Duck

D is for Duck is an adventurous alphabet book filled to the brim with charming magic. This is an exciting alphabet story where a clever little Duck is proud to show off his magic skills while taking us through the ABCs. However, his magic tricks don’t always go to plan, especially when Duck leaves his wand lying about!

Melling’s illustrations are bold and bright against the off-white paper, and the rhythm and pace of the illustrations work well together with the unpredictability of the ABC words in this spontaneous alphabet. His characters are warm, dynamic and are bound to put a smile on your face.

A bonus with this picturebook is there’s an extra treat within the end papers. They contain another story made using just illustrations. These give us another insight into Duck’s good nature, while also giving the less able readers a chance to tell the story.

A minor criticism of this book is perhaps the cream cover, as this may be difficult to keep clean over time.

This would be a wonderful, fun book to read aloud with young children who are just beginning to learn the alphabet.