Daddy Hairdo

A splendid opening about the irony of life when it comes to hair issues. When Amy is born she has very little of it. Her dad, on the other hand, has LOTS. As we all know, as the years go by it can sometimes be hard to hold onto it and inevitably Dad starts losing his. Through a series of three funny illustrations we see Amy’s hair growning and growing with Dad ending up practically bald. A very interesting question follows on from this : where does hair go when it goes? A few suggestion are put forward but no answers.

Meanwhile, Amy’s flowing locks become the focal point of the story with lovely illustrations which include lots to see with thoughtful add-ons to keep eyes busy. The story and its illustrations really take off with the hair creations made by Dad, a true visual treat. Although fabulous, the creations cause their own problems and this leads us nicely to what parents might find most useful about this book, the first big haircut for boys or girls who are very reluctant to experience this. Also, the theme of the book is that there is only a daddy figure featured. This may also be useful for normalising different family situations. All in all, a lovely read that would be suitable for ages 4-7.