Daid Dearmadach

Daid Dearmadach is a collection of twelve poems in Irish which deal with various scenarios, such as dancing class in school, the arrival of a new baby into a family, and the panic caused by a bat flying into a bedroom. The world these poems describe is one of fun and excitement, and this is brought to life by the accompanying illustrations, which are bright and cheery. The faces of the protagonists, in particular, are given great character and expression. The poems themselves vary in length, but are all composed of four-line stanzas. The resultant rhythm carries the reader along at a pleasant pace, with the predictable rhyming scheme serving as a useful aid to pronunciation in Irish. With regard to the subject matter, however, some parents may have reservations about the suitability of one poem in particular, entitled ‘Ar Meisce’ (‘Drunk’), where a child gets drunk behind the babysitter’s back. It describes the physical effects of drunkenness and of the resultant hangover, and is accompanied by a picture of a child getting sick over breakfast. The standard of Irish in these poems is good, and would suit children 9–12.