Daisy and the Trouble with Burglars

Daisy’s back and she’s in more trouble than ever! When a number of burglaries happen right in Daisy’s very own town, there is a lot of worry and excitement. Two houses on a nearby street have been robbed, not to mention the fish and chip shop. The burglars even got away with a lot of cod and haddock! What is Daisy going to do? She turns detective, of course. Daisy enlists the help of good friends Dylan and Gabby to form the DD&G Detective Agency. Armed with her detective kit (including a notebook, magnifying glass and Mum’s new box of powdered sugar for dusting for finger prints), Daisy sets off to catch the burglars. The trouble with burglars is… it’s really hard to catch them if you can’t leave your own street.

Kids love the Daisy books. Daisy is naughty and clever and pulls the young reader along through the story. The book is written with a keen awareness of a young child’s view of the world. The typeface is bold and easy to read, making it ideal for the newly competent reader. Peppered throughout with clear and expressive black and white drawings, it also makes a wonderful first novel to read aloud. As a character, Daisy is an absolute delight; funny, cheeky and innocent in understanding her own mischief. Her mum’s exasperation is something all parents have experienced from time to time, and provides a nice glimpse into mother and child relationships. Funny, fast-paced and well-written, Daisy will inspire great joy in reading.