Daisy Books

Kes Gray’s new hardback, Yuk! is set in a typeface charmingly called ‘Lemonade’, which aptly sets the tone for this zesty, brightly coloured and bittersweet picturebook with real bite. Daisy is a thoroughly modern miss who does not ‘do’ dresses. So when she’s asked to be bridesmaid at her Auntie Sue’s wedding she is horrified. She agrees on one condition: that she can choose the clothes; but she proceeds to model a succession of unsuitable outfits, much to her mother’s and aunt’s chagrin. These range from her football gear to her leopard costume. Eventually she is persuaded to visit the wedding-dress shop where she pronounces each dress ‘Yuk!’ and decides to design her own. The resulting outfit will make the most jaded parent grin – it’s a triumphantly functional and delightfully witty compromise.

Nick Sharratt is best known as Jacqueline Wilson’s illustrator and his flat, graphic style won’t be to everyone’s taste. But the colourful, joyful pictures perfectly capture Daisy’s equally colourful personality and are ideally suited to a young miss of 5 or 6 who knows what she likes (and isn’t afraid to say so). The only thing I disliked about the book was its typeface, in spite of its great name – a jaunty type of ‘kidz’ type better left to birthday party invitations.

Just out in paperback is You Do! by the same team, another entertaining tale.