Daisy, Darling, Let’s Have Lunch!

This beautifully produced hardback is the third in the Daisy and Daddy series by successful Finnish author and illustrator Markus Majaluoma and translated by Anja Leppanen for Pikku Publishing. In Daisy Darling, Let’s Have Lunch! Daddy discovers that Daisy is not a fan of vegetables and is not shy about letting him know it. Instead of giving up in frustration in the face of his stubborn toddler, Daddy uses his creativity to bring an element of fun to Daisy’s lunchtime with hilarious results.

The colourful and quirky illustrations are what brings this book to life. The very accessible minimal text on white background is perfectly complemented by the squiggly illustrations portraying the wonderfully unique relationship between this dad and daughter. I particularly loved the attention to detail and humour in both the end-paper illustrations and the wonderful two-page spread depicting The Potato Robot. The captivating scenes draw the reader further into the crazy and irresistible adventures of Daisy and Daddy.

Both Daisy and Daddy are highly relatable characters and this humorous tale is the perfect read-aloud for toddlers and their parents who will enjoy chuckling at the all too familiar scenes. To join this hilarious Dad and daughter duo for further antics check out Daisy Darling, Let’s Go to the Beach! and Daisy Darling, Let’s Read a Story!