Danger is Really Everywhere

Danger is everywhere or at least it would be if it weren’t for the world’s leading dangerologist, ‘Docter’ Noel Zone. With ‘Docter’ Noel to guide us we just might make it through life alive. In this third book in the Danger is Everywhere series, O’Doherty and Judge take their antidote to the bubble-wrapped world we live in to the next level in the ultimate arena for health and safety, the school.

Having incapacitated the school dinner lady with an unfortunate accident – we told you danger was really everywhere – ‘Docter’ Noel must take her place. Once he has made the school dinner menu safe with a change to cabbage, cabbage and more cabbage, Noel finds himself in the middle of a mystery involving the disappearance of bikes from the school. Facing personal danger, the wrath of the headmaster and the law, and more ridicule than any one man wearing a crash helmet with a traffic cone on top should have to bear, Noel is determined to find the thieves at any cost.

This is the kind of book that some adults will just never get, but for children and those adults not too bubble-wrapped, it is a tour de force of hilarity and abject silliness. O’Doherty and Judge make a great team and this is captured brilliantly in the skillful layout of text and illustrations. Rather than simply picking out highlights of the narrative, the illustrations help tell the story and deliver lots of laugh-out-loud moments. A great read for dangerologists 9-12.