Dangerous to Know

The classic story of two teenagers in love, forbidden to be together. It is quite an exciting story, action from beginning to end and I really did find it hard to put down. Moran has a flow to her writing; there never came a lull or a boring moment in the story, it kept moving swiftly along. The regular references to festivals and parties make this book undoubtedly appealing to teenagers and although alcohol and drugs is a regular feature, I feel that the writer has shown the possible harmful effects of these well. 

Moran’s fantastically believable and in-depth characters are by far the biggest strength of this book. The characters are developed naturally throughout the story and I myself felt extremely empathetic towards them, especially towards main character, Jack. The use of flashbacks to provide more information is very effective and this aspect, for Moran, is a complete success. 

The books blurb is however disappointing. It seemed that the story would present something unusual, going beyond the ordinary good girl/bad boy forbidden love story. It was predictable and more obvious than necessary but I enjoyed the story; fun, love and rebelling against parents, what more could a teenager want?