Darkmouth: Chaos Descends

Full of danger, intrigue but also lots of humour, Chaos Descends is the third part of Shane Hegarty’s thrilling Darkmouth series.

Ten months after almost destroying both Darkmouth and the Infected Side in order to rescue his dad, Finn is getting ready to take part in his completion ceremony, and become a real Legend Hunter, even though he’s still not sure if Legend Hunting is really what he wants to do with his life. But this is Darkmouth and when Half Hunters start disappearing in mysterious circumstances, Finn realises his town is still in real danger. Can Finn and his dad save their world yet again before time runs out?

The reader is taken on another amazing adventure full of twists and turns, with a fast-paced, action-driven plot. The characters, both human and legend, are incredibly well written and are brought to life once again by the amazing and intriguing illustrations of James de la Rue.

Hegarty has managed to maintain the intensity he created in the previous books of the series, while at the same time keeping the reader guessing about where the story will go next.