Dave Pigeon (Royal Coo!)

It’s the fourth book in the series. Haddow yet again tells a pigeontastic tale of the two comical pair of Dave and Skipper. Their latest cunning plan is to steal the food leftover from the Royal Palace Party. Once they arrive at the Palace gates, it’s not long till they meet the Royal Prince Raju and his Valet Kapi. Dave looks at the Prince. The Royal Prince looks at him. They look exactly alike. Dave hatches another cooing cunning plan. Dave swaps an ordinary pigeon park life for a life of luxury in the palace, for the day.

Haddow does a wonderful job of producing yet another brilliant book that is full of mischief. Dempsey does pigeon perfect illustrations of Dave and Skipper. The comic style really suits the humour and wit of the book. That is also accompanied by witty comments and remarks from the pigeons. This would make a great first chapter book.  The descriptions and humour of pigeon world are really engaging and entertaining for young readers. You won’t be able to put this book down.