Dear Mr President

I love this little book. I am going to send a copy to every adult I know – well every parent maybe – so that they have an excuse to keep it. It is, as they say, so on the money.

Sophie Siers is an award-winning New Zealand children’s author who tells it like it is. She studied drama and early childhood education and her fluent, economical prose shows what a good communicator she is. Sam, her protagonist, has a problem. He has to share a bedroom with his big brother and he hates it. When he hears the US president talking on TV about building a wall, he enthusiastically embraces this simple solution as his own, and begins writing to POTUS to tell him of his plans and ask for advice. Sam’s correspondence remains one-sided, but his dilemma initiates some interesting conversations with his teacher and his parents about walls throughout history that have kept people in and out. The president is never fully named or seen – although Anne Villeneuve’s very funny drawings leave you in no doubt about his identity! Little by little, Sam’s real-life experiences cause him to review his decision. He and his brother begin to compromise and learn that communication and negotiation are better than separation.

A timely little book for everyone; it could be read with young children to invite discussion about how to live with others and learn to get along.