Declaration of the Rights of Boys and Girls

Two books in one, the Declaration of the Rights of Boys and Girls is a quirky, fun read. When read from one end, it is a list of the rights of boys. Boys have the right to play with dolls, to be cute or stylish, to be rubbish at DIY and prefer English to Maths. Read it from the other end and you get a list of the rights of girls, like the right to learn boxing, to become a lorry driver or an astronaut, and the right to be scruffy.

The colourful and brilliantly messy illustrations keep the book light, energetic and engaging, with loads of action happening on every page. Estelle Billon-Spagnol has drawn girls and boys from every walk of life being happy and comfortable in their own skin, playing with friends and being accepted for who they are. There’s so much to see on each page, this book is one you could pick up and enjoy again and again.

This book is an excellent way to introduce kids to the idea that their gender doesn’t define how they should live their lives. It is a push back against stereotyping and conforming to traditional gender roles, that addresses some harmful and restrictive ideas of how kids ‘should’ behave based on their gender.

This is a fantastic book to remind kids to do what they love, and not feel pressure to live a certain way just because of their gender.