Derek Landy is back with Desolation, the second book in the Demon Road trilogy, and he does not disappoint.  Following on from where he left off in Demon Road, we find Amber and Milo on the run after they break a deal with the Shining Demon.


You never break a deal with the Shining Demon. Amber and Milo have found this out the hard way. The pursuit continues and the Demon, also known as Astaroth, will stop at nothing until he has Amber and Milo within his grasp. Confined to his realm he unleashes the Hounds of Hell upon them. These five maniacal beings have been sent to return them to him so he can enact his revenge for their insolence.


With the Hounds of Hell on their trail Amber and Milo find brief respite within a town called Desolation Hill. A town where all is not as it seems. A town with unwholesome secrets. A town that is only safe 364 days of the year.  A town that basks in evil one night every year and nothing is left sacred.


Read on and find out why Desolation Hill should be avoided. Read on and find out why you should never enter and break a deal with Astaroth the Shining Demon.

Get ready for sleepless nights.