Dinosaur Juniors: Give Peas A Chance

In this new addition to the Dinosaur Juniors series, Rob Biddulph addresses the ‘picky eaters’ dilemma. Those little dinosaurs are back and having loads of fun; running races, playing games, shouting and making their own kind of music. For Nancy, it has to stop for now. It’s dinner time! Dad Dino says Nancy can go back outside as soon as he sees a clean plate. But what’s this… peas! Nancy hates peas! Or any other green food, for that matter. What will she do? Her friends are having so much fun without her! Clever Nancy comes up with a plan that is sure to get her back to her friends in no time. It looks like it just might work. Can she outfox Daddy?

Biddulph’s simple text flows across the bright, colourful pages in an entertaining rhyme that makes this book a joy to read to even the most impatient of young book lovers. The colours and the characters come alive, with lots of action and a quick-witted, fast-paced story that is packed full of small jokes that grab the attention of even the grown-ups. Additionally, it delivers a number of messages in a subtle, amusing tone that doesn’t disrupt the fun. The personalities of the dinos all shine through in the illustrations and there is much to look at on every page with drawings that are clear, lively and deceptively simple. Give Peas A Chance sings (and sometimes shouts!) and is bound to become a favourite.