Discovering Architecture

Perhaps it is the lasting popularity of books such as Iggy Peck, Architect, but architecture seems to be cropping up more often as a topic for children’s books lately. The worthy subject is certainly made appealing in this beautifully crafted book. From the endpapers that resemble blue-prints to the plans for buildings on Mars, this survey of architecture packs a lot into one book.

There is a guide to the eight most iconic domes, an explanation of vernacular architecture, and a chart comparing the tallest buildings in the world. There are biographies of top designers / architects, there is an explanation of the importance of World’s Fairs, there are examples of key architectural / design movements, and there are features on quintessential buildings from modern times.

Though ‘World’ architecture is a huge subject, the text here is elegantly simplified and visually equalled with clean and engaging illustrations, diagrams and graphics. The illustrations are not so clean as to be sterile, they are lively, detailed and colourful. Spreads are peppered with interesting spot drawings and visual definitions, giving the audience a visual treat.

This survey of architecture is flawless. As a mother and as a design historian, I recommend this book for all young builders.