DIY Circus Lab for Kids

DIY Circus Lab for Kids gives families everything they need to produce their own circus! Aiming to foster fun, fitness and a life-long friendship with the circus arts, author Jackie Leigh Davis invites you into the international youth circus community, and then dives into the main circus skill families: spinning, juggling, balance, acrobatics, and clowning, culminating in a guide to creating your very own circus show.

Each section begins with an introduction to the history of a highlighted skill, followed by a guide to making the necessary props and comprehensive step-by-step photographic instructions to performing all the spins, juggles and acrobatics traditionally associated with the circus. A link to a companion online tutorial for each craft and activity is also helpfully included along with some fascinating academic and scientific factoids.

Health and safety will naturally be a concern when participating in daring acrobatics and balancing acts. However, the author assures that the majority of skills in this book are safe for kids to try by themselves, with a few requiring an adult ‘spotter’ to assist. These are clearly marked as ‘safety first’ with full guidelines on how to proceed safely.

Author Jackie Leigh Davis is a renowned circus education pioneer, teacher, and a founding member of the American Youth Circus Organization. Her deep love and respect for the circus arts comes across on every page of this informative, detailed and fully illustrated guide, a perfect gift for any would-be young clowns, jugglers, or acrobats eager to learn some new tricks.