Don’t Even Think About It

This is a great story about every teenager’s biggest wish and biggest fear. To have the ability to know what everyone is thinking about you. The story set in a high school in the trendy Manhattan neighborhood Tribeca. When all the kids in sophomore year get their ’flu shots some of them develop the most amazing side effects. Slowly, each of the Epsie’s (the kids have ESP power) discover the secret voices in their heads are not hallucinations but rather other people’s thoughts. 

Cheating on tests becomes easier; finding out who has a crush on you or not, and what exactly are your parents and teachers thinking is a thing of the past. All of this happens just a week before the Sweet (16th) birthday party of McKenzie, one of the most popular girls in the year. The book has many Americanisms that may need to be translated for an Irish Audience such as the description of the students’ academic year, being sophomores, etc. This is a fun and challenging story about what it is like to be a teenager, and how something that your classmates have in common can be the catalyst to becoming friends. Some serious topics are discussed in Don’t Even Think About it, topics often raised in young adult novels, for instance concerns over sexuality, fidelity and honesty.