Don’t Leap, Larry!

Larry Lemming is a lemming just like any other – except he’s not. Larry is very much his own lemming, and he does his own thing even when his friends can’t seem to understand why. He goes sledging with the puffins because he wants to, he wears a top hat because he knows he looks cool! But can Larry teach his friends that it’s fun and maybe even important to be different?

With Larry, John Briggs has created a character who is instantly relatable, even though he’s a lemming! Larry’s story demonstrates the importance of identity, of self-knowledge – in any community, in any society it is essential to be yourself. Briggs uses Larry’s eccentricities to teach his readers that it’s ok not to conform and that life is much more fun when all your friends know that they can be themselves too.

Nicola Slater’s wonderful illustrations bring the lemming community to vivid and quirky life. Her colours are bold and dynamic; she uses deep yellows, reds and browns to create her lemming characters, contrasting them sharply against the mint greens and dark, shadowy blues of their snowy habitat. Larry himself stands out from the crowd thanks to her superb characterization – and so do the other lemmings when they start expressing themselves towards the end of the text. A wonderfully funny, warm and gentle look at the importance of knowing yourself in a world that keeps trying to tell you who you are, this book will enchant and delight readers of all ages.