Doodle Cat is Bored

In common with children everywhere, when Doodle Cat finds himself at a loose end he is immediately extremely bored and initially has a hard time entertaining himself. In an attention-seeking ploy, he finds something to occupy him, but will it really be useful to alleviate his boredom? After some amusing trial and error, Doodle Cat realizes what he can do, and do well, using his new discovery.

Doodle Cat is an irreverent character who directly addresses his audience in this quirky adventure into the world of drawing. He is vibrant, colourful and full of life. Lauren Marriott’s lively illustrations throughout the book range from bold black and white drawings to full-colour pages. The range of bright colours to well thought-out ink drawings engage the reader with Marriott’s imaginative interpretation of Doodle Cat’s world, where, among other things, crayons can talk and spaghetti wear hats!

Ultimately, Doodle Cat has found an implement that is simple but also unlimited in its solutions to his boredom. Doodle Cat and his zany creations will amuse young listeners and their parents and should inspire many hours of wacky doodling fun!