Double Take: A New Look At Opposites

Double Take: A New Look at Opposites plays with the concept of opposites in a new, exciting and sometimes complex way. While it begins with easy examples like yes/no stop/go, day/night, young readers are quickly invited to look and look again, examining things on a deeper level, from different perspectives and to think about the relativity of one thing to another.

Who knows what’s big unless there’s small? Does short mean a thing unless next to long? When does near become far? Perspective is explored by demonstrating how changing one’s viewpoint can sometimes help you to take in the whole picture.

Difficult enough concepts for even grown-up lovers of picturebooks and asking young children to keep up with the changing perspectives may be confusing at times. However, Jay Fleck’s illustrations jump off the page and work together with the rhythm of Susan Hood’s rhyming text to make this book great fun to read aloud. The size and position of the font also work to re-enforce the concepts, creating a topsy-turvy, exciting world of opposites.
The use of a limited palette of flat colours gives the book the retro feel of an old fashioned story book, while the bold illustrations give it a fresh look that can be enjoyed on many levels and will be enjoyed more with each reading.