Double Trouble

‘Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa. Amazing Africa.’ But life is about to get even more amazing for Anna Hibiscus with the arrival of twin baby brothers. Anna is worried when all her cousins tell her boys mean big trouble. Then Mama is too tired for a cuddle, Uncle Bizi is too busy making food, Grandmother is too sleepy and the aunties are helping to care for the babies. Will no one have time for Anna any more now that ‘double trouble’ has arrived?

This gorgeously colourful picturebook tells a simple but important tale that all older siblings will be able to relate to. Anna feels left out when the new babies arrive, but she soon realises that there’s more than enough love in her family to go around. The illustrations are vibrant and charming, bringing both the African setting and the loving family atmosphere to life. This warm, gentle story is perfect for any big brother or sister with a new sibling or two on the way.