Einstein: The Girl Who Hated Maths

The continued pairing of John Agard and Satoshi Kitamura, following Points of View with Professor Peekaboo, works brilliantly in this collection of forty poems with a mathematical theme. Through the story of a little girl who hated maths, the authors introduce the very young reader to basic mathematical concepts and some of the world’s greatest mathematicians. Funny and informative poems, coupled with imaginative illustrations, make this an inviting book for any young reader of 7 or 8 upwards, and it can be read to younger children as an introduction to word games and maths. The rich black and white illustrations yield up new treasures with each viewing. Alongside the funny and informational aspects of the text, we find that ‘a heart weighs as much as love lets it’ (‘A Mountain of a Heart’) and ‘We odd numbers/like to think we’re/the handiwork of God’ (‘Odd’). Through the medium of poetry and illustration, this book conveys the excitement of mathematics to young (and not so young) readers and reluctant mathematicians.