Emmett and Caleb

This quirky tale tells the story of the strong friendship between the two principal characters of the book, Emmett and Caleb.  While the friendship has its ups and downs over the course of the story, it generally remains solid and firm. The narrative is divided into four chapters that mirror the seasons of the year. The illustrations are detailed and use a subtle palette, which adds a calming and serene feeling to the book. Each of the seasons is beautifully depicted in the illustrations.

The narrative is meandering and, at times, appears to go nowhere; however, this could parallel the fact that the two friends take pleasure from the simplest aspects of life, such as the changes of the seasons. There is a large amount of text accompanying each illustration, which is presented in a dull, small font, and the book takes the form of a small chapter book rather than a picturebook. The text is translated from French and includes some challenging vocabulary, yet the illustrations appear to appeal to a younger audience. This makes it difficult to determine a target age group for this book. Overall, while quirky, this tale gets a little lost in translation.