Escape from Camp Boring

In Escape From Camp Boring, Tom Mitchell presents a new take on the classic prison break story. The prison in question is a camp for rewilding kids addicted to technology, and the escapees are four kids whose parents have decided they need to disconnect from their gadgets and reconnect with the world. The last place narrator Will wants to his spend midterm break is the Lonesome Pine Rewild Your Child Camp. When he realises that he has smuggled in a device that his brother on the outsdie needs urgently, the scene is set for a camp escape. While Will’s plan involves a solo run, he quickly finds himself with three fellow escapees in tow. Alexa, Ellie, and Zed are each sure they do not need the intervention of Lonesome Pines and Lieutenant Faulkner so when they stumble on Will’s plan they are determined to tag along.

Lonesome Pine Camp has it all – the induction ceremony, overly zealous jailers, reluctant inmates who protest their innocence, solitary confinement in the guise of The Cooler, a storm and a location that defies escape. Mitchell’s characters are credible and underneath the fun he cleverly weaves in some observations on tech addiction, family dynamics, friendships, and growing up. He achieves this while treating his readers to a laugh out loud adventure as Will races against time to redeem himself in the eyes of his family.