Everyone Walks Away

Everyone Walks Away is a quirky yet beautifully told, moving story of isolation and segregation.  As the title of the book suggests, the story introduces us to Frank, who spends most of his time alone and without the company of friends. Lindstrom’s unique style of illustration and her use of perspective depict Frank’s loneliness very well, as he appears small and set to one side on the many double-page spreads. Lindstrom’s palette of muted colours also adds atmosphere to the theme of isolation and her use of pen-and-ink drawings emphasise the fragility of Frank, as he sheepishly looks on as the other children play and enjoy themselves.  The cleverly drawn eye movements of the characters are very well executed.

As Frank sits by his table set for one, he has an idea and quickly sets about making tea, toast and jam (which he makes with his own tears) to share with the other children.  As with all good picturebook authors, Lindstrom leaves it up to us, as readers, to infer the outcome of what happens at the end of the beguiling story.