Following the success of Tracey Turner’s previous releases (How to Make a Human out of Soup, How Can a Pigeon Be a War Hero?, to name but a few), she has produced yet another wonderfully fascinating book of facts. This time, there is one for every day of the year! From astronomy to zoology, ancient Egyptians to early Vikings, there is a wealth of knowledge to be learned each day.

Turner’s delightful collection of general knowledge is brought to life by the fabulous illustrations of Fatti Burke. Facts! is her first work as a guest illustrator since the release of the very successful Irelandopedia and Historopedia, co-written with her father John Burke. Burke retains her iconic style here, featuring bright colours and bold geometric illustrations. Readers can expect spacemen, brains pickled in jars, and even creepy crawly ice lollies!

While many of the featured facts are not specific to their accompanying date, some are thoughtfully paired. For example, the entry for 7 May reveals that on the same day in 2005, a Time Traveller Convention was held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, attended by a crowd of 300 people. (It was hoped that time travellers from the future would attend. Unfortunately, none came…)

Even the greatest of quizmasters will learn something new from this book, be they young or old. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to increase their general knowledge or simply desiring to have a little bit of fun.