Faerie Wars

These wars take place in richly imaginative worlds teeming with characters of amazing variety. These range from humans to demons to faeries of the night to those of the light, all interacting with other strange beings like a translucent cat and an orange dwarf. It is a gripping adventure story with many strands; almost too many, as sometimes the strands seem to serve only to increase tension. It begins with two adolescent boys, each having family problems, living in two separate worlds. It is when these two, Henry from ‘our’ world, the Analogue world, and Pyrgus Malvae from the Faeries of Light world (where all the characters have butterfly names), get together that the adventures really begin. Herbie Brennan is quite a prolific author and he writes well. His character drawing and descriptions are superb, especially in small but wonderful detail, and there is an extraordinary mix of 21st-century, medieval and Victorian technology. This is described as a ‘cross-over’ – between child and adult – book but I think it would be popular with younger readers as well. However, there may be some objections as, although this is not dwelt upon, Henry’s mother is having a lesbian affair. From the web site, www.faeriewars.com, which also gives extracts from the book and further information, it is possible to send Faerie Wars e-cards.