Fairytales for Mr Barker

Jessica Ahlberg, daughter of husband and wife duo Allan and Janet, continues showcasing her family talents by writing and illustrating this book; Fairytales for Mr Barker.
Lucy is reading a story to her dog Mr Barker, but he takes off on his own fairytale adventure, encountering many familiar characters and stories along the way. Can you guess which ones before Lucy tells you?
This book give the reader an opportunity to immerse themselves in and recap on their fairytale knowledge. The peep-through feature on each page is cleverly incorporated, providing a little build-up to the next characters and location.
I found the illustrations incredibly detailed, such as the knobs on the oven in the three bears’ house set at ‘too cold’, ‘just right’ and ‘too hot’, and the architect drawings and ‘chinny chin chin razors’ for the three little pigs’ next house. Each time you read this book there’s more humorous items to be found. Lengthy periods could be spent examining each page, though for the younger child the colours are quite muted.
There is the potential that you won’t get the most out of this book, on first read anyway, if you’re not au fait on your fairytales. Though there is more to be learned, this book demonstrates how looking at stories from a different viewpoint and the use of imagination can create the best of anecdotes!