Finger Print (Monsters and Dragons and 100 Other Adventurous Creatures)

Finger Print is a comprehensive guide on how to make a variety of creatures and monsters through fingerprints. The instructions are clear and there are very readable graphics showing the lines, squiggles or dots needed to complete each character.

And these simple lines really transform the fingerprints into an amazingly expressive array of animals and other creatures.

The possible creations build up from the simplest to the more complex as the book progresses, allowing budding artists the chance to develop their fingerprinting skills.

Illustrator Ilona Molnar demonstrates each of the sample characters in a playful way, including text which further brings them to life, while the layout of the book allows the user to design a mini story featuring each of the various characters. Every few pages, there is space for trying out the fingerprint creations and their imaginative worlds.

A nice book for parents to participate in with younger children, it should also appeal to older kids, as it allows for a huge amount of creativity with minimal technical skill even for those who are put off by drawing.