Finn’s First Song

Finn’s First Song is a real treat for young readers. The vivid illustrations pull the reader in to Finn’s ocean home from the get go and the text is paced well to allow children to enjoy the underwater scenes as they travel with Finn on his journey to Ireland.

Daly cleverly weaves big themes into this story as Finn learns to find his own voice. We see how Finn’s relationship with his parents helps him to navigate his ocean world, and how even when his Dad is not close by Finn can draw strength from hearing his song. When Finn is separated from what makes him feel safe, he needs to reach out to other creatures for help to find his way back to his Mum. As Finn searches for his Mum we get to meet a range of sea creatures and learn about the different ways they communicate.

While Daly’s story is not focused on the impact humans have on the environment there are elements of the story and its illustrations that touch on this theme. These will be useful conversation prompts to introduce children to the importance of looking after the planet.

Young readers will relate to Finn and will want to read more of his ocean adventures.