Flyntock Bones: The Eye of Mogdrod

This is the second book in the swashbuckling Flyntlock Bones trilogy, but readers do not need to have read the first book to enjoy the story. Author Derek Keilty plunges straight into the action, and it races along at breakneck speed.

The Eye of Mogdrod tells the story of two young pirate detectives, Flynn and Red, and their crew, who travel the high seas solving crimes. The mystery in this story involves the theft of a golden chalice from Fergus McSwaggers. There’s a one-eyed witch, a giant monster cat and a ship’s cook with the unappetising name of Fishbreath.

It is packed with fun and adventure and the style of writing encourages reluctant readers to keep turning the pages. The clever use of illustrations by Mark Elvins propels the story along and the drawings are an integral part of this tale. There are illustrations on most pages and occasional two-page spreads with gorgeous detail. The illustrator also provides helpful maps and a delightful gallery of characters, just in case you lose your way in the plot, but it is not a confusing story.

Readers will be looking forward to the next book to find out what adventures await these brave and daring pirate investigators.