Football School: Where Football Rules the World

Football School is exactly what soccer fans of the Horrible Histories series have been waiting for – a book dedicated to the most widely played sport in the world, containing the answers to every possible football-related question. These include (but are no means limited to), when do footballers poo and can you play football on Mars?

Every lesson in Football School is about football because, as coaches Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton say, football is a fantastic way to learn about the world. And that’s what this book is, a football encyclopaedia of the world and all its diverse cultures!

Bellos and Lyttleton have done something groundbreaking here; not only is the book funny and informative, it’s extremely engaging and wonderfully readable. Readers will be learning about such diverse and wonderful subjects as geography, maths, and psychology, all through the medium of football. Spike Gerrell’s illustrations bring Bellos and Lyttleon’s ‘lessons’ to energetic life, adding a dynamic and interactive element to proceedings.

Almost a football manual – complete with graphics, charts, gameplans and tables – and stunningly presented in a hardback cover, this is a comprehensive guide to the beautiful game which will delight and enlighten any fan, or indeed any budding player. The perfect way to connect two fantastic pastimes – reading and football!