Forest School Adventure: Outdoors Skills and Play for Children

Any text which gets children into the natural environment and away from merely indoor pursuits is to be welcomed. Forest School Adventure is one such book, demonstrating just how much fulfilment awaits those who venture outdoors and engage with their world. Part manual for parents, part guidebook for kids, the basic premise behind the book is that many of the skills and experiences of outdoor life are lost on the present generation but can be easily taught and communicated.

The sheer variety of activities covered is astonishing, from the basic bushcraft of building shelters, making fire, collecting water, to more unfamiliar territory such as foraging for food in the wild. These hardcore survival skills are presented in terms which make them attractive and accessible for individuals of all levels of ability. One outstanding feature is the sheer quantity of photographs which accompany the activities and instructions, moving them from mere abstract ideas to physically appealing pursuits.

Highly recommended for parents who feel at a loss about how to get their children more deeply immersed in the wild world, and for children who will find new confidence in enjoying the world which they have been given.